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Alex Leung is a contemporary artist from Hong Kong, he also builds his career life as an interior designer in this place where he was born after his return from New Zealand.

Majoring in art and design, Alex graduated from Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand, where he obtained a Bachelor of Interior Design degree. During the decades, he has created “Liquefaction”, a series of unique paintings in a style that uses flowing, liquid-like, interlocking lines by acrylic to create a mixture of various patterns which dynamically express both individual objects and their surroundings.

Scenes of life are distorted into a panoply of unexpected shapes. Rhythmic lines and shades imply the balance between rules and freedom. The precise lines represent the social rules, whereas the freestyle patches represent his desire for freedom.

His works have been exhibited in galleries and exhibitions in Auckland, London, Tokyo, etc… And he has been successfully holding multiple solo exhibitions at the Hong Kong Arts Centre and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre since 2017.

His works were also on the shortlist of World Illustration Awards 2018, the finalist of Global Art Awards 2018 in two categories – Abstract Art and Painting and the finalist of Contemporary Art Awards 2019.

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